405 South Main, Milford, UT 84751 (435) 387-2711


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Contact Info:

405 South Main Street

P.O. Box 69

Milford, Utah  84751

Telephone Number

Office:  435 387-2711

Fax: 435 387-2748

City Council Minutes and Public Notices

Utah Public Notice Website | 2013 Minutes | 2014 Minutes


Minutes are posted on the Utah Public Notice website as soon as possible following the regular City Council meeting in which they are approved. If the minutes have not been posted they are in draft form. Beginning January 1, 2015, Audio Recordings of meetings are posted to the Notice on the Utah Public Notice within three business days of the meeting. To locate audio recordings of a meeting that has already been held, select the original notice of agenda for said meeting and select the audio file attached to the notice. All written minutes will be attached to the original notice of agenda beginning January 2015 (scroll through the links to the Utah Public Notice website below - click on the notice of agenda for the minutes you are searching).


For more information please contact the City Recorder at 435-387-2711.