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405 South Main Street

P.O. Box 69

Milford, Utah  84751

Telephone Number

Office:  435 387-2711

Fax: 435 387-2748

Consumer Information


Milford City Consumer Information


Account Activation

An application for water, sewer and garbage services (Form 34) must be completed and signed by the applicant and co-applicant, if applicable, on all new accounts. In the case of rental properties, an active Tenant-Owner Agreement must be on file or a new one must be effected by the owner. At the time a new account is setup, a $10.00 activation fee is applied to the account and will appear on the first billing statement under Water. This fee helps defray the cost of setting up the account and is non-refundable.


Security Deposits

Security deposits are required on all new accounts for City utilities or in the event that the applicant had a delinquent history on a previous account with the city.  Milford City Code requires the staff collect a deposit equal to three months minimum billing. Deposits are returned to the consumer after 12 consecutive months with no penalty charges applied to the account, or in the event of account termination, the amount will be applied to the account balance at time of termination. Deposits on rentals are held the duration of the rental. If the account is paid in full at time of termination, the full amount will be returned to the consumer. Security deposits will not be applied to accounts with past due balances unless the account terminates. Security Deposits may also be required for reconnect in the event a customer’s meter is shutoff for non payment of a delinquent amount.



Utility statements are mailed at the end of the billing month and are payable the first of the month following the billing period. Accounts become delinquent after the 20th, at which time a 2% penalty will be applied to accounts with a balance. Accounts 30 days delinquent are subject to disconnect at which time a 5 day disconnect notice will be mailed to the consumer.  Statements show the date due, amount billed for water, sewer, and garbage. Meters are generally read April through October, and overages (any use exceeding 10,000 gallons) are billed. Payment may be made in the City Office during normal business hours or mailed to PO Box 69, Milford, Utah 84751. For the convenience of our customers, a payment drop box is provided at the Milford City Office for after hour payments. (NO CASH OR ENVELOPES PLEASE). When using payment drop box or mailing your payment, please use check or money order and include your remittance stub (lower portion of billing statement), Milford City is not responsible for cash payments made through the mail or payment drop boxes.

Monthly Charges

Minimum monthly charges are:

· Water $27.00 *(1st 10,000 gallons used)    · Sewer  $36.00       · Garbage  $12.00 ** (1st Can)

Total minimum monthly charge for accounts with 1 garbage can    $77.00

Total minimum monthly charge for accounts with 2 garbage cans  $85.00

*Water is charged @ $1.00 per one thousand gallons used after the first 10,000 gallons; overages should be expected during the summer months if outdoor irrigation occurs. Meters are read April through October.

** Additional garbage cans are $8.00 per month. To request an additional garbage can, contact the City Office or Solid Waste (386-2530).

Garbage pickup is each MONDAY. Please have cans curbside by 6:00 AM – to ensure your garbage is picked up please allow adequate room between the can and vehicles or other implements, service truck must be able to operate freely. If your garbage has not been picked up or you have service questions, please contact Solid Waste at 386-2530.  For billing questions regarding garbage, please contact the City Office.

Water Leak Protection (Water Loss Protection)

Milford City participates in the ServLine Program. Water Loss Protection is automatically added to your water bill unless you call to decline the leak protection. It is $2.00 per month and offers protection for water charges resulting from eligible plumbing leaks, up to $2,500.00. There is no deductible.

Reasonable Access

The accountholder and/or property owner shall permit the City’s authorized representatives to enter on the premises at reasonable times for purposes connected with rendering, billing, or disconnecting utility services. Service may be terminated if reasonable access is denied.

Un-authorized Meter Access

Accountholders and/or property owners are not authorized to access meter boxes for any reason and bear the responsibility of damages caused by non-permitted access.  Accountholders should contact the city office to schedule an authorized representative to connect or disconnect the meter. Crewmembers can usually meet with an accountholder with a thirty-minute notice at no charge, unless the request is scheduled after operating hours.

 Disconnect Notices & Interruption of Service

Services may be interrupted if consumer:

1) requests it

2) fails to file an application for service

3) fails to pay a required security deposit

4) has a past due balance on the account and reasonable efforts have been made by Milford City to obtain payment from consumer

5) breaches a deferred payment agreement

6) tampers with meters or other municipal property without authorization

7) fails to conform to the ordinances and resolutions established by the Milford City Council regulating the water and sewer systems.

Written notice of disconnect will be mailed to the accountholder at least 5 days before interruption of services. The 5-day period is figured from the postmark of the notice. Accountholders experiencing a hardship will have the opportunity to file a deferred payment agreement with staff to avoid termination, this is allowed only twice per year. Once services have been interrupted for delinquency or non-payment of services, the accountholder will be required to pay the full balance and a $25 disconnect fee before the services will be restored. Additionally, accountholders may be required to secure a deposit if no current deposit exists on the account.


Deferred Payment Agreement

If an accountholder cannot pay the delinquent portion of their billing by the date due indicated in the disconnect notice, they may make arrangements to pay their balance in full at a later date by filing a Deferred Payment Agreement (DPA) in the City Office.  A DPA is an agreement between Milford City and the accountholder stating that the account balance will be paid in full by a date acceptable to both parties. The accountholder agrees to have the balance paid by a particular date and Milford City agrees not to disconnect the services for that account.  Failure to pay the balance by the date agreed upon in the DPA will result in immediate termination of services on the account. Milford City has the option to decide whether or not to allow accountholders to make further payment arrangements when the accountholder has breached an agreement. Deferred Payment Agreements are intended for hardship situations and not an automatic deferral of the monthly payment and are therefore strictly limited to two (2) per calendar year.

Termination of Services – Customer Request

If you are moving, stopping service in your name, or stopping service altogether, please give Milford City at least two working days notice. Billing is performed at month end and you will be charged the full months service if you fail to contact staff with your termination date prior to billing. Accountholders agree to be responsible for the payment of utility charges incurred at the service address until their responsibility is terminated in one of the following ways:

Ø  By mutual agreement evidenced in writing and signed by the accountholder and Milford City.

Ø  By a written request, giving at least 2-days notice, from the accountholder requesting services be disconnected and the account terminated.

Ø  By the proper assumption of the payment responsibility by a party acceptable to the City and upon completion of an application for service and payment of security deposit by the other party.


Billing Statement Questions


Accountholders may contact the utility clerk at 435-387-2716 between the hours of 8 am and 4 pm Monday through Thursday, excluding holidays. Please have your account number ready when calling. Most questions regarding your account can be responded to immediately while some may require further research and response.